Evolution of Electronic Dartboards

Even if you are not a fan of darts, you must have played it at least once in your life or saw some one play it. As the technology is evolving day by day, it has entered into many fields for our comfort and ease, just like that the dart community is evolving gradually. Nowadays traditional dartboards are not used often, rather there are electronic dartboards. An electronic dartboard has many very tiny dot-like sensors all over the board and when a dart touches one of the sensors it automatically shows the score. There are various types of electronic dartboards and today I will briefly describe you the top 5 which will make decision making easier for you to pick the best buy according to your needs as each Electronic Dartboard has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can also visit Cozyhometoday to read electronic dartboards reviews 2020.

  • WINMAX Electronic Dartboard Set

This dart set consists of 40 tips and an automatic scoring system. This is a very popular dartboard set as it is very economical. Even though it is cheap, this does not affect the quality of the dartboard as the darts are not flying away unlike more of the dartboard sets. Batteries are also included in the set to save you from additional charges. Amazon ratings are very high on this dart board.

  • Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

This is a highly advanced dartboard and is used in commercial tournaments or championships. This has a heckler mode in which the dartboard worries you if you miss, so it’s a board and a dart coach. This board has a sticky surface to reduce bounce outs and is highly durable with a large surface area.

  • Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard

This set is known for its cool design. This dartboard has one of the most visually pleasing looks of all time. It has 5 levels, therefore, you can compete with yourself if you are playing solo. It has high quality and high durability and has dual LCD which gives you the feel of playing it in an arcade. There is no reason not to buy this dartboard except that it is little on the expensive side.

  • Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard

This fancy dartboard has LED lights for display, more than 40 games installed and tight surface to minimize any chance of bounce outs. It is also very family friendly. Many people buy it just for the sake of buying it as a décor peace. It has a very expensive and polished look but isn’t that expensive. It is one of the most popular dartboards and is usually placed in arcades or speakeasies.

  • Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard

This glorious dartboard will make you look like the owner of several arcades. It gives off a very expensive and royal look.  Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard has arcade effects giving you all the noises from an arcade, also this is an 8 player dartboard. It is extremely durable with 40+ games and darts bouncing back are less likely to happen. It might look difficult to set up but it is extremely easy if you follow the instructions. Did I mention that this has a cabinet as well where you can store absolutely anything? This can be easily classified as one of the best dartboards ever.