Honda HR-V Is Giving Tough Time to Honda CR-V

Ever heard that a brand is in tough competition with itself? Isn’t this sound weird? Well, let us tell you that this weird thing is reality.   

This game is all about Honda HR-V and CR-V. Like who knew one alphabet could create tough competition. Many are still wondering which one would be the best (for us, both of the models are worth-to-go-for). Of course, you need to choose one.

Don’t worry, take it easy. We understand that you need to be wise about your choice. If you think that Honda HR-V is no only giving a tough time to Honda CR-V but to you too. Then it’s ok. Let’s compare and contrast. This way, you will have a clear picture. 

Take this bonus tip and keep jotting down the feature you want or desire to have in your car. It will make the decision process easy and convenient. 

Compact or huge space? 

Well, I think this choice varies from person to person. Some have more family members and they prefer to have a car with more space. Whereas, some customers like to have a car with compact space and not that extraordinarily expanded one. It all depends on the demand of the customer. 

You can read the different aspects of compact space from this link:

Let us tell you that if you are the one who is looking for a huge space then go for the CR-V because it is designed with larger body space with the expanded interior. In comparison to this, the HR-V and its interior are designed with compact space which is perfect to tackle heavy traffic of the city. So, this choice is all yours and it depends on what is your priority. 

It’s all about interior 

HR-V is attracting through its unique reserved approach. It is taking leads with much black plastic and rubber, covered throughout the trims, particularly in its LX base trim. Besides this, when you look at the level of trims, some chrome accents have been modified and integrated. 

 This compliments interior in a more robust way. Apart from this, the touch button that helps in taking over climate control, makes the interior classier and more elegant. 

Remarkable appearance 

Of course, the interior is not all that you want. Assuring that exterior is perfect too is equally important. Although it has found that there is not much difference between these two models, in terms of exterior styling. 

But since the model of 2019 i.e. HRV is made with subcompact crossover thus, its designed proportions and contour are relatively more tailored. Whereas, Honda CR-V is designed with more mature tones. It has a flattened front fascia, few swoopy roof lines, and a rear hatch. 

All of these differences are made based on a compact and huge space room. If you are the one who has more access to the road with heavy traffic then prefer a compact one. Otherwise, for family traveling purposes, CR-V is the best.